Work and get paid with Bitcoins – A review of the Top 3 Freelancing websites that pay via Bitcoin

How can I earn Bitcoin? What things can I do to earn them? Where can I earn them? These are the questions most asked by average Bitcoin users especially those who are new to the crypto world. There have been a lot of ways but some of them can not really give you serious earnings. One of the ways that really works is Freelancing.

What is a Freelancer?

Bitcoin Freelance - Top freelance sites - Wgat is a Freelancer

A Freelancer is a person who is self-employed and works whether independently or joins a professional association or websites to get a job. Some of the fields or skills that a freelancer mostly gets into are writing, programming and design. As a freelancer, you get jobs from different employers depending on your skills and services. If you are already freelancer or wanting to be one, this is a great way for you to start earning Bitcoin by just doing your own thing. Also, if you want to hire freelancers and pay them through Bitcoin, then this is the perfect platform for you. In this article, we will be reviewing the top 3 Freelancing websites, in no proper order, that uses Bitcoin as its mode of payment.

Cryptogrind Bitcoin Freelance Platform

Bitcoin Freelance - Top freelance sites - Cryptogrind Review

The website offers an easy and secure way of doing freelance jobs and hiring freelancers. They claim to be the only job platform that uses multi-sig Escrow services in Bitcoin for freelancers and businesses. Freelancers can browse through a list of jobs categorized according to skills and keywords and can advertise your own services for free on their website. Businesses or employers can also browse for freelancers and post jobs for free and get proposals immediately.

As freelancers, you can enjoy a lot of features at Cryptogrind. You will have your own user-friendly profile page where you can include your biography and your skills. You can also list unlimited services that you offer at the same time advertise jobs if you want to hire other freelancers for free. You can search updated directory of jobs to start working and have secure payment transactions through escrow. Cryptogrind also offers referral bonus scheme.

If you are an employer or a business institution, you can benefit from a number of features Cryptogrind offers. You can post unlimited job listings and browse the updated directory of freelancers. You can pay ordered services using Bitcoin and secure your transactions through escrow service. You also get email notifications of job proposals to your postings. They also provide you referral bonus scheme.

Referral bonus is earned through referring people to Cryptogrind. If you successfully referred an employer, you will get a 2% referral bonus on every escrow transactions completed by the employer. So if the person you referred an escrow worth 500 USD, then you get the 10 USD bonus to your payment address. You can create a referral link by signing an account.


Bitcoin Freelance - Top freelance sites - XBT-Freelancer review

At XBTFreelancer, Freelancers get payment in Bitcoin and Employers pay services in Bitcoin. The website purely uses Bitcoin as its mode of payment but to be more comprehensive, they post amounts in US dollars. They also offer a built-in escrow service for their users. You can bid for jobs and projects such as coding, design, translation and more.

The list of projects listed on the website are somewhat limited but are most interesting. Projects are categorized through skills and users can search jobs by keywords. Freelancers can bid a price for every project that they choose. XBTFreelancer also has a huge list of freelancer for employers to choose from. Freelancers are categorized by their field of expertise and are provided with credibility scores through reviews from their past employers. Employers can easily chat with them and view their profile. The website also offers posting of jobs or projects for free.

At XBTfreelancer, you only pay for the project done, no extra or hidden charges. There is no risk since the website offers a built-in escrow service. Bidding for projects is absolutely free and you get a very low fee when get paid. You will receive your payment in hours straight to your Bitcoin wallet, without a third party processor.

XBTFreelancer also respects the privacy of its members where they do not ask personal details. Members can choose to give as little or as much information as they want on their profile page. Giving a little information may affect chances of getting hired though.

Coin Tasker


Bitcoin Freelance - Top freelance sites - Coin Tasker Review

Coin Tasker claims to be a unique freelancing platform where they give free Bitcoin rewards to freelancers for every work done. Even just for signing up an account with them, you will get an instant bonus of 50 bits or 5000 Satoshis. Also, they awesomely give additional ten bits every day whenever you sign in. You will get this bonuses given that you use Xapo wallet to get paid in Coin Tasker. This makes them more appealing than the other platforms.The website experience is

The website experience is user-friendly and catchy with updates and recent activities on the website. They also provide a list of top rated and most loved tasks for users to easily start with. A leaderboard is present on the website to encourage members to get more tasks and be on the top.

They offer a lot of ways to earn Bitcoin on their website. They provide a wide range of micro-tasks ranging from simply logging in up to taking surveys or trying a product. They also provide a wide range of Bitcoin earning sites and Bitcoin faucets. Your earnings depend on how you use the website. Using their large variety of tasks and daily added new offers, you can get more than what you expected.

You can also earn Bitcoins through referrals. You get a 5 µBTC for every successful member referral. You also get .01 µBTC for every visitor you referred to the site. For every referral withdrawals, you get 10% of the total amount withdrawn.

Like other free Bitcoin earning sites, they let their users withdraw their earnings once the minimum balance is met. If your earnings reached .005 BTC, you can cash it out anytime except on weekends.

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